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Ship Chartering & Brokerage

Due to managed vessels and strong relationships with cargo Owners, BAYCHART never ignored giving service to third party ship and cargo Owners. As having an experienced team for ship chartering, BAYCHART performed yearly third party contracts as well as covering charterers spot market requirements.
As the managed fleet is trading worldwide, chartering team has good skills and know how together with skilled network all around the world.   

Ship Management

As core profession and activity of BAYCHART was being commercial ship managers, we succeded to enlarge the number of vessels managed from 1 to 16 ships in recent years which are varrying  from 5200 dwtns upto SUPRAMAX. We have a long and respected relationships with investors and Owners of these vessels and still accepting vessels from third parties as we keep the staff for chartering and operations. With the support of experienced chartering and brokering team which is serving to third parties, we have wide window to observe the market and off market activity. 

Project & Heavy Lift


With demand from third party customers and for the parties which are not much into marine transportation, BAYCHART also started giving service in parcel, project and heavy lift shipments. 

BAYCHART has their own port Captains which are experienced in project handling. Of course customers having service from us in this field will benefit from the know how and high skills of team. 

We have been nominated as booking agents for a Far Eastern based liners service for projects and heavy lifts. 

We already performed successfull operations and shipments  for SIEMENS, MAN and General Electric whom are reputable customers and work with approved logistic service providers only.